Product Detail

Product Name:Triisobutyl  Phosphate ; TIBP;

● Molecular weight:266.32                  

● CAS NO.:126-71-6  

● Molecular formula: C_12_H_O_4_P

● Quality of product:

Product Items Product Specification

AppearanceClear colorless liquid
Color Value(APHA)≤20
Acid Value(mgKOH/g)≤0.1
Water Content(%)≤0.1
Specific Gravity(20℃)0.96-0.97

● Use:

Mainly used as antifoaming agents, penetrating agent. It is widely used in many fields, such as printing and dyeing, printing ink, build, oil field accessory ingredient and so on.

● PackageNet weight 200KGS/Iron drum, 1000KG/IBC .

 Validity Date: 1 year.

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