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T-403 Amine-terminated Polyether:

T-403 Amine-terminated Polyether is a kind of polypropylene oxide mainly terminated by primary amino group.

● Features: 

low viscosity, light color and vapor pressure.

● Physical Properties: 

Molecular weightAbout 440
AppearanceColorless to pale yellow liquid
Degree of functionality~3
Total amine meq/g6.1-6.6
Primary amine %   ≥90
Color, Pt-Co(APAH)39423-51-3≤50
Water, wt%≤0.25
Density g/ml (lb/gal),25℃0.978(8.12)
Viscosity cSt,25℃ 72
Flash point PMCC,℃(℉)196(384.8)
PH 11.6
CAS 39423-51-3

● Application:

Curing agent of epoxy resin, jewelry glue (hard glue); Curing agent of epoxy resin for wind turbine blade and building structure; Viscosity increasing agent for polyurethane sealant and sealant; Electronic sealant curing agent; Crosslinking agent in RIM polyurethane and spray polyurea systems; Curing agent of epoxy resin for Fishing rod, golf club, tennis racket composite material.


 Products packaged

Drum 200 kgs net wt.

IBC 950 kgs net wt.

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