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D-400 Amine-terminated Polyether

D-400 is a kind of poly-propylene oxide compound, which is mainly composed of primary amino groups.

● Features:

low viscosity, low chroma, low vapor pressure.


● Physical Properties

Molecular weightAbout 430
Appearance Colorless to pale yellow liquid
Degree of functionality~2
Total amine meq/g4.1-4.7
Primary amine %≥97
Color, Pt-Co(APAH)≤50
Water, wt%≤0.25
Density g/ml (lb/gal),25℃0.972(8.10)
Viscosity cSt,25℃22
Flash point PMCC,℃(℉)163(325.4)
PH  11.6
CAS 9046-10-0

● Application:

Curing agent of epoxy resin, curing agent of cathodic electrophoresis paint, curing agent of polyurea and curing agent of ornament glue (soft glue); Thermoplastic polyamide adhesive; Electronic sealant curing agent, curing agent for electronic packaging materials; RIM polyurethane, polyurea, spray polyurea; Modified Polyether amine curing agent, etc.


● Products packaged

Drum 200 kgs net wt.

IBC 950 kgs net wt.

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