Monobutyltin oxide (MBTO)

Product Detail

1. Component

• Monobutyltin oxide (MBTO)

• Chemical Structure: 

• M.F.: C4H10O2Sn

• M.W.: 208.8

• CAS No.: 2273-43-0

• EINECS No.: 218-880-1

2. Properties


White powder

Tin Content (wt%)


Cl Content (wt%)


Loss on drying (wt%)


Di-organotin Content (wt%)


Tri-organotin Content (wt%)



Insoluble in water and most organic solvents, only soluble in strong base and mineral acid

3. Characteristics

• It is a non-corrosive organotin compound which can be used in the synthesis of saturated polyester in powder coatings, insulating varnishes and coil coatings.

4. Usages

• Saturated polyester resin

• Unsaturated polyester resin

• Polymeric plasticizer

5. Storage

Shelf life: 1 years (Stored in cool and dry places.)

6. Packing

25KGS fibre drum

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