Dibutyltin Dilaurate (DBTDL)

Product Detail

1. Component

• Dibutyltin dilaurate

• Chemical Structure:


• M.F.: C32H64O4Sn

• M.W.:631.56

• CAS No.: 77-58-7

• EINECS No.: 201-039-8

2. Properties


Colorless to pale yellow oily liquid

Tin Content (wt%)




Volatile matter(wt%)



1.066 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Refractive index

1.471 n20/D(lit.)


35-55 Cps/25°C

Melting Point



Insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents (e.g. Benzene, Methyl benzene, Alcohol, Ketone, Acetone)

3. Characteristics

• A multipurpose catalyst, especially appropriate for Cross-linking reaction of Polyurethane and Condensation reaction of Silanol.

• Can accelerate complete reaction of hydroxy and isocyanate in the process of synthesizing.

4. Usages

•Used in two-component polyurethane crosslinking coatings;

• Used in Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV);

• Used in the polyurethane rigid foams;

• Can be used as a heat stabilizer for PVC heat shrinkable packaging film, semi-rigid transparent film, transparent tube and transparent door curtain, PVC snakeskin tube etc.

• Used in silane cable material

• An ester crosslinking catalyst in the synthesis of polyester resin

5. Storage

• Shelf life: 1 years (Stored in cool and dry places.)

6. Packing

200KGS closed steel drum or 25KGS plastic drum

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