Product Detail

Thermoplastic Polyurethane

●  Application: Shoe

●  Description: Polyester-based TPU

●  Processing methods: Injection mould.

  Characteristics: Easy processing, Injection method for shoe application, and other injection product.

●  Properties:

Specific gravity(g/cm3) 1.24
Hardness(Shore D)71±1
Tensile strength(Mpa) 47
100% Modulus(Mpa)26
300% Modulus(Mpa)37
Elongation at break(%)350
Tear strength (KN/m) 247
DIN Abrasion (mm³)  62

●  Processing & Guide

For optimum results, previous drying of the product during 3-4 hours at 90~100℃ is advisable, in a hot air circulatory, vacuum desiccate-air dryer.

●  Package & Storage


Never put opened packages exposed in open air for prolonged periods of time during molding and processing. Because of the high moisture absorbing property, TPU products should be well stored in a dry, cool and shady area.

●  Note

These are typical values and should not be used as specifications.

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