Hardness 60

Product Detail

1. Description

It consists of A&B component, A is polyol, and B is Iso-terminated polyurethane prepolymer

It has excellent processing properties, shorter gel time. The finished product has good properties of abrasion

resistance, anti-hydrolyzing, transparence, good resilience, stable dimension.


2. Application

Used for making shoe moulds and other low hardness elastomers. Substitute of Silicon rubber to make the mould of cultural stone.


3. Product Specification

AppearanceLight yellow liquid
AppearanceColorless or light yellow transparent liquid

4. Operation introduction

Ratio A:B (mass ratio)0.042361111
Operating Temperature(℃)25~40
Gel Time(min/30℃)6~15(variable)
AppearanceLight yellow liquid

5. Physical Properties

Hardness (shore A)60±2
Tensile Strength ( Mpa)7
Elongation at break (%)500~700
Tear strength(kN/m)28
Rebound (%)60
Specific Gravity (25℃) (g/cm3)1.07

6. Storage

Store in a cool and dry place. If you can’t use one drum up at one time, please fill Nitrogen gas and seal the drum well. The shelf life of original packing is 6 months.


7. Shelf life

The shelf life of original packing is 6 months.


8. Package

20kg/drum or 200kg/drum.

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