Rubber to Metal Bonding Adhesive 829GB

Product Detail

1. Application

829GB is mainly used as double coating and post curing. It can help and promote various elastomers to attach to the base rubber or various substrates. This product is a mixture of polymer, organic compound and mineral filler dissolved or dispersed in organic solvent system. 829GB has excellent resistance to harsh environment and excellent spraying process. It can be sprayed with stock solution by using appropriate process.

Used as a surface coating in conjunction with Dual Coat substrate surface treatment agent, suitable for the following rubbers:

Natural rubber (NR), Natural&butadiene rubber (NR+BR), Polyisoprene rubber (IR), Butadiene rubber (BR), Chloroprene rubber (CR), Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), Nitrile butadiene rubber(NBR), Butyl rubber (IIR), EPDM, etc


2. Characteristics

● It is environmentally friendly, free of heavy metals, in line with GB33372-2020, ROSH 2.0.

● It has good settlement resistance.

● It is suitable for vulcanized rubber

● It has low viscosity, is suitable for industrial spraying.

● It has good pre-drying resistance;

● It has good weather resistance - heat resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance, oil resistance, salt resistance, corrosion resistance;


3. Physical Properties

● ● Component: Polymers, organic compounds, inorganic fillers and organic solvents

● Color: Black

● Viscosity: 150 ~ 600cps @25℃, Brookfield LV2 30rpm

25 ~ 50s @25℃, No.3 Zahn Viscosity Cup 2 

● Flash Point: 25℃

● Dilute release agent: Benzene containing solvents such as xylene and toluene

● Solubilizer: Xylene, dimethyl carbonate

● Storage, Room temperature: Unopened container for 9 months


4. Applying  829GB

● Stirring: 829GB GB in the long-term storage process will have some precipitation at the bottom of the container, before the glue must be fully stirred, to achieve uniform mixing before use; If the gluing process is long, stir at a high speed for 3-5 minutes at an interval of 2 hours.

● Dilute: According to the actual operation needs, this product can also add diluent for appropriate dilution. It is recommended to dilute the diluted product according to the amount used. The diluted product cannot be stored for a long time.

● Brush coating method: no dilution is required;

● Roller coating method: no dilution is required;

● Dip: 100 parts of 829GB GB plus about 10-30 parts of diluent;

● Spray method: 100 parts 829GB GB plus about 20-40 parts diluent.

● Coating: This product can be applied by brush coating, dip coating, roll coating, spray coating and other methods. Coating should be uniform to avoid excessive spillover.

● Cover coating: Dry film thickness(DFT) 12-25μm. 20μm is recommended 20-40μm for harsh environment;

● Single coating: DFT 15-25μm, 22μm is recommended. for PV- bonding above 25μm;

● Drying: Drying at room temperature takes about 45-60 minutes, forced drying can shorten the drying time,recommended drying temperature is 60-80℃.

● Product storage: This product should be stored in dry and normal temperature environment, avoid long-term exposure to high humidity and high temperature environment.

● Cleaning: Before heating vulcanization, dip a rag in xylene solvent to remove excess treatment agent spilt around. Once cured, solvent cannot be removed.

● Vulcanization: Vulcanization of rubber and adhesive at the same time can obtain the best bonding properties. When the coating is placed in the molding mold, it should be quickly filled with rubber vulcanization. The actual curing condition depends on the curing condition of the rubber.


5. Notes

● This product is volatile, please close the container after use.

● Solvent steam is harmful, pay attention to fire prevention in the workplace, pay attention to low ventilation, prevent long-term inhalation or long-term skin contact.

● Please refer to SDS for more safety information.

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