Rubber to Metal Bonding Agent 815

Product Detail

1. Application

815 is a heat vulcanization bonding adhesive for rubber to various metals. It works as a primer and is equivalent to Chemosil 211 etc, but with more competitive price etc.


2. Characteristics

●  It is one coat bonding agent for nitrile rubber (NBR).

●  It is also used as primer bonding agent for various metals, plastics and rubbers.

● It gives excellent adhesion to various metals like steel, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, brass, aluminum alloy etc.

● It is applicable for galvanized products.

● It is non-toxic, easily operated.

● It can be applied with different ways like dip coating, spraying, brushing, and roller coating.

● It has excellent resistance to heating, water, solvent, oil, salt, corrosion etc.

● It has high bonding strength, stability and long durability.

● It has excellent adhesion ability under low temperature. Can bond materials at 90℃ vulcanization.


3. Physical Properties

● Component: High polymer, organic compound, inorganic filler and organic solvent.

● Color: Gray

● Viscosity: (23℃, Brookfield LV2 30rpm) 80-165cps

                   (23℃, No. 2 Zahn viscometer cup) 23-30s

● Solid Content: 24-28%

● Flash Point: 22-24℃

● Diluents: METHYL ETHYL KETONE(MEK), Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK)

● Solvent: METHYL ETHYL KETONE(MEK), Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK)

● Shelf life: 12months in unopened containers


4. Applying  815

● Surface Preparation: All bonding surface must be contaminant (such as oil, rust, oxide etc) free to reach optimum bonding effects. Surfaces should be grit-blasted, and then ideally degreased. Applying 815 after surface pretreatment to avoid surface oxidizing material generates.

● Mixing: Homogeneous mix must be ensured before applying bonding agent.

● Dilution: Proper quantity dilutes can also be added according to dosage. The diluted bonding agent cannot be stored for long time.

● Brushing: Unnecessary for dilution

● Roller coating: Unnecessary for dilution

● Dipping coating: 100 portion of 815 with 20 portion diluents like MEK or MIBK

● Spraying: 100 portion of 815 with 30-100 portion diluents like MEK or MIBK

● Coating thickness: The coating should be uniform. As primer, dry film thickness is 5-10μm. As single coating, dry film thickness is 10-15 μm.

● Drying: After applying 815, it should be left for 30-60minutes to dry at room temperature. Pre-warming or heating will speed up drying.

● Storage: It should be stored in dry environment at room temperature. Avoid long time exposure in high humidity and temperature environment.

● After treatment: Before heating vulcanization, use cloth strip soaked with xylene or MIBK to clean the excessive adhesive. Once cured, dilutes cannot clean the bonding agent.

● Vulcanization: For optimum adhesion effects, rubber and adhesive should be vulcanized at the same time. When the coated parts are placed in the mould, fill rubber inside and then close the mould to start vulcanization immediately. Vulcanization pressure is according to practical situation.


5. Notes

● Close the diluents container tightly after use.

● The diluents vapor is hazardous. Prevent long time inhalation or skin contact in working place.


6. Packing

3.5kg/drum; 18kg/drum

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