Product Detail

●  Product Name


4, 4'-bis(sec-butyl)-methylendianiline; 


●  Trade Name MDBA; Dinlink4200; Unilink4200

●  Structural Formula:image

●  Molecular Formula:C21H30N2

●  Molecular Weight :310.48

●  CAS No. :5285-60-9

●  Applications

This product is used as hard foam, soft foam, coating, adhesives, sealants and elastomers.


●  Specifications

Assay ( GC):≥96%

Water Content: ≤0.1%

MDA content: ≤0.1%


●  Typical Properties

AppearanceSlight brown to dark amber liquid
Melting point -30-(-60) °C
Boling Point>400 °C
Flash point>230 °C
Relative Density (water=1)1.21 - 1.25 at 25 °C

●  Packaging

Bulk quantities in rail/road tank containers or steel drums

Net weight 200KG/drum

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