Product Detail

●  Product Name: Dimethyl Thio-Toluene Diamine (DMTDA)

●  Formula:C9H14N2S2

●  CAS NO.:106264-79-3

●  Structural Formula:

image    image

●  Typical Properties:

Appearance: Light yellowish liquid

Density (g/cm320℃):1.21

Amine value (mgKOH/g):536  

Viscosity Cps(20℃):690

TDA content:≤1.0%

Water: ≤0.1%

●  Use:

DMTDA is a new type of polyurethane elastomer curing crosslinking agent, in which there are mainly two isomers, namely 2,4- and 2, 6-dimethylthionyltoluenediamine mixture (the ratio is about 77-80/17-20). Compared with the commonly used MOCA, DMTDA is a liquid with lower viscosity at room temperature, which can be applied to construction operation at low temperature. Low yield for chemical use.

●  Packaging:Net weight 200KG/drum; 1000KG/IBC; 20 MT/ISO TANK.

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