Product Detail

● Product name: Diethyl methyl benzene diamine; Diethyltoluenediamine; DETDA 

● CAS#: 68479-98-1

● Molecular formula: C11H18N2 

● Molecular weight: 178.28

● Structure:


● Quality:  

AppearanceLight yellow transparent liquid
Color, Gardner5 max(when packaged)
Purity, GC98% min
3,5-Diethyl Toluene-2,4-Diamine75-82%
3,5-Diethyl Toluene-2,6-Diamine17-24%
Dialkylated m-phenylenediamine0.2-3%
Amine value, Acid-base titration620-640 mg 
KOH/g Moisture, KF Coulometer0.15% max

● Uses:  

It is a good chain extender of PU elastomer, especially for RIM and SPUA. and used as curing agent of polyurethane and epoxy resin; also used as antioxidant in epoxy resin; industrial oil, lubricant. In addition, it can be used as organic synthesis intermediates etc.

● Packing:   

net 200kgs/iron drum; net1000kgs/IBC and Iso tank

● Shelf life: One year

● Storage:

Store under dry and cool condition, away from light, and keep product air-tight.

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