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Thermoplastic Polyurethane

● Application: Footwear, Accessories, Pneumatic tube, Conveyer belt , Elastic tape, Straps and film etc.

● Description: Polyester-based TPU.

● Processing methods: Extrusion, Blowing mould.

● Characteristics: Excellent physical properties, Easy&stable processing, Cold resistance, Hydrolysis resistance, High transparency and reusable properties.

● Properties:

Yellow index(Yi) 0-2
Specific gravity(g/cm3)1.21
Hardness(Shore A) 92±1
Tensile strength(Mpa) 38
100% Modulus(Mpa)10
300% Modulus(Mpa) 18
Elongation at break(%) 520
Tear strength (KN/m)140
Flowing beginning Point.(℃) 185
Processing temperature(℃) 190-210

● Processing & Guide

For optimum results, previous drying of the product 2-3 hours under 100~110℃ is advisable, in a hot air circulatory, vacuum desiccate-air dryer.

● Package & Storage


Never put opened packages exposed in open air for prolonged periods of time during processing. Because of the high moisture absorbing property, TPU products should be well stored in a dry, cool and shady area.

● Note

These are typical values and should not be used as specifications.

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